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An Adventure awaits you in Tobago. Everyday there is something new and something exciting to do; our wild and marine life consist of a variety of unusual and exciting creatures...Tobago provides the activities for you to experience this!


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  • Brain Coral In Tobago; Speyside

Dive beneath the turquoise waters of Tobago to see the gigantic brain coral at the famous dive site of Kelleston Drain.


  • Deep Sea Fishing

Tobago is known for its variety; with wahoo, mahi mahi, king fish, tuna, swordfish, sailfish and white marlin being caught on a regular basis.

  • Kitesurfing

Tobago offers the perfect location to enjoy for beginners to experts.


Stand Up Paddle Tobago

Contact Information: (868) 681-4741

Location: 54 Samaan Grove . Golden Grove Road . Canaan . Tobago .

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world for many reasons. From SUP surfing, to cruising around the coast, to fitness and yoga the options on Stand Up Paddle boards are endless. It's also very easy to learn the basics, we will have you up in just 1 lesson. Tobago as a location for Stand Up Paddling is fantastic. From beautiful lagoons, to small fun waves, to large open water surf, the options are endless. Visiting these places on a SUP board allows better views of turtles and fish in the sea, as your higher and have no motor to scare them away. Let us show you some of the hidden adventures that Tobago has to offer.


  • Turtle Watching

Each year around Easter time, hundreds of hikers and conservationists trek to the coastal regions of Trinidad and Tobago to watch and guard endangered Leatherback turtles. The turtles lay their eggs from around April to July. Although they can lay earlier and later than the average months, the eggs hatch between 2 to 3 months after that. Beaches in Tobago such as Stonehaven Bay, Turtle Beach, Lambeau Beach and Bacolet Bay you can see Turtles laying. The best thing to do is to contact Save Our Sea Turtles at They will organize to call you if they see any Turtles. Also please donate to their cause, as they protect our turtles.


  • Waterfalls & Hiking

Established in 1765, this is the oldest forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere and provides excellent bird watching, plus several hiking tracks. Authorised guides at the trailhead offer two-hour hikes through the forest to the Main Ridge lookout hut, where you'll enjoy sweeping views of Bloody Bay and the offshore Sisters Rocks.