Rainforest & Adventure

Tobago offers you LAND with scenic and adventurous experiences. There's always something to do on land; whether there be sunshine or rain.


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  • Birdwatching

This is pretty famous in Trinidad and Tobago. With more bird species per square mile people Tobago has lots to see. The first stop for any birdwatcher in Tobago is a trip to Gilpin Trace in the Main Rainforest Ridge. With the right guide you may get to see the dance of the Blue Backed Mannequins at a lek or the rare White-Tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird. After that we are off to Little Tobago to see some Red-Billed Tropic and Frigate Birds. December to July are the best months to visit Little Tobago as the Tropic Birds lay their eggs at that time.


  • The Rainforest

Established in 1765, this is the oldest forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere and provides excellent bird watching, plus several hiking tracks. Authorised guides at the trailhead offer two-hour hikes through the forest to the Main Ridge lookout hut, where you'll enjoy sweeping views of Bloody Bay and the offshore Sisters Rocks.


  • Tobago Cocoa Estate


  • Turtle Watching 

Each year around Easter time, hundreds of hikers and conservationists trek to the coastal regions of Trinidad and Tobago to watch and guard endangered Leatherback turtles. The turtles lay their eggs from around April to July. Although they can lay earlier and later than the average months, the eggs hatch between 2 to 3 months after that. Beaches in Tobago such as Stonehaven Bay, Turtle Beach, Lambeau Beach and Bacolet Bay you can see Turtles laying. The best thing to do is to contact Save Our Sea Turtles at They will organize to call you if they see any Turtles. Also please donate to their cause, as they protect our turtles.


  • Waterfalls  

This provides a great hiking experience in Tobago. The largest is Argle Falls in Roxborough; it's an easy walk that can be done in sandals. You can park in the government parking lot and pay the registered guides to take you to the falls. It's a great place for a swim too. Other waterfalls also require guides such as Rainbow, Craig Hill, and Greenhill Waterfalls all in Tobago.