Tobago's shopping options continue to grow every year from large and small shopping malls, hotel gift shops, and beach front stores, Tobago has all your shopping needs covered. There is handcrafted goods made out of wood, leather, calabash and bamboo as well as colourful wraps can be found at the Store Bay Beach Facility, Crown Point, Lambeau and Buccoo and several of the larger hotels have gift shops. Many street vendors around the island also sell craft.


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  • Grocery

If you are staying in self catering accommodation, grocery shopping is mainly concentrated in the south west. Pennysavers and Morsehead are the main supermarkets. You can pick up basic provisions in smaller stores around the island and there are plenty of roadside stalls selling fruit and vegetables.


  • Gulf City Mall

The island has one main mall in Lowlands where there is a pharmacy, shoe shops, a range of clothing outlets, book store and a jewellery store. MovieTowne is next door; there are smaller malls at Canaan, Shirvan Road and Scarborough which offer clothes shopping, shoe stores, household wear and electronics.


  • Market

The capital, Scarborough, has a market opposite the ferry terminal which is open Monday to Saturday where you can buy fruit and vegetables, fish, clothing and household items; Friday and Saturday mornings are the best time to go.


The Art Gallery

The Tobago Art Gallery is the brainchild of artist Martin Superville. The gallery is a work of art by itself. It is minutes away from the Claude Noel Highway on the beautiful island of Tobago in the Caribbean. The Gallery sits in a peaceful wooded area at the edge of a large pond. The Tobago Art Gallery comprises a collection of structures, painted in bold colours to lift the spirit: orange, green and aubergine - with an interesting garden and an elevated deck, The Tea Garden, where visitors can relax and enjoy refreshments and the view of the surrounding area. The Gallery was built specifically for the promotion and enjoyment of the art of Trinidad and Tobago and is geared at providing a permanent venue for exhibitions by artist Martin Superville, as well as other invited artists and is a meeting place for "kindred spirits", interested in all aspects of art.